A rare and amazing car, now for sale!



We are offering the opportunity to own a rare car, the first production line Zenos E10S.  This is serial number 003, the first two cars were factory press cars.  This car was specially built at the factory in England and imported to the USA for use a demo car as we worked to develop the brand in the Americas.  The car had the drivetrain installed, and the final assembly and suspension setting by and under the supervision of a trained factory technician, flown over from England.

We have enjoyed our time with the car, but since we are no longer representing Zenos Cars, it does not make sense to have the car sitting in a garage and not being driven.  Please see the specifications page for more information on what makes this an amazing car.


The car is amazing to drive.  We tested it one hot summer day at Willow Track and the oil temps stayed perfectly even and in the middle the entire day (we have the optional upgraded oil cooler).  We also tested the car at a local autocross in San Diego and it performed excellently… setting a near top time of the day when it ran, even on it’s street tires.


Car has approx 7000 miles on the brand new drive train with absolutely zero mechanical issues.


The car was painted an optional factory upgraded color, but can also be easily changed using paint or wraps, as the body panels are all easily removable.


The car is presently located in Cleveland Tennessee.   It is registered for street use by the state of Tennessee  and can be registered for street in many states.  Please check your state for their requirements.  In many states, once a car is registered and has an issue VIN and plate, it can be easily re-registered in your state.  

Test drives are available with notice. We are close to Tail of the Dragon.

This car was highly optioned with all the desirable features.  We as the importer paid over $60K to import and build this car.  

Much of the car is very simple and uses the stock Ford gearbox and engine, so parts can be easily sourced.   There is a dealer in USA that can supply parts. 

Priced to sell at $32,000