The Zenos E10S was first ordered in 2014 and went into build in very early 2015.  It was brought over a tanker in a sealed container (our costs for a container was almost $6000) in April of 2015.  We ordered a 2l Ecoboost engiine and ford gearbox from Hendy in England, our cost on the driverain was close to $10,000 including freight and customs.   We had some delays as the drivetrain was stuck in customs, but got it out just in time for a scheduled build.

We had arranged with Zenos UK to send over their head technician Colin to help build the car and make sure everything was perfect.  He even helped supervise the proper alignment, corner balancing, and headlight aiming.  We drove it around town to make sure everything was perfect.

pic2015-06-13 15.33.57

The car was then introduced to the public in May of 2015.

    _ALX6396    _ALX6390    _ALX6400   _ALX6391

After that, we showed the car at a local cars and coffee-pic2015-06-14 13.34.41

And then driven south to San Diego taking the scenic route-

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Since then, the car has been used to do a few test drives, to attend a few local Cars and Coffees, two track days, and one autocross.  The car has been garaged and has approx 7000 miles on it.